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At Amaka Enterprise, social responsibility is at the core of our values and guides our commitment to making a meaningful difference in the world. We recognize that our success goes beyond achieving business objectives; it also involves contributing positively to the communities we serve, fostering a supportive and inclusive work environment, and protecting the environment for future generations.

Our approach to social responsibility encompasses a range of initiatives and practices that focus on community development, employee well-being, ethical business conduct, environmental stewardship, diversity and inclusion, philanthropy, and supply chain responsibility. By integrating these principles into our daily operations, we aim to create a sustainable and socially responsible business model that benefits all stakeholders, from our employees and customers to the broader society and the planet.

Social Responsibility



Amaka Enterprise aims to incorporate sustainability into its business practices across all industries, focusing on long-term viability and minimizing negative impacts on the environment and society. We achieve this by setting goals to improve resource efficiency, reduce waste, and promote the use of renewable and eco-friendly materials and technologies.


Climate Change

Recognizing the importance of addressing climate change, Amaka Enterprise sets goals to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, promote energy efficiency, and support the transition to clean energy solutions. By actively engaging in climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts, the company strives to minimize its environmental footprint and contribute to global climate goals.


Carbon Emissions

As part of its commitment to combating climate change, Amaka Enterprise monitors and measures its carbon emissions across all operations. The company sets targets to reduce these emissions through energy-efficient practices, the use of renewable energy sources, and innovative technologies that help minimize greenhouse gas emissions.


Waste Management

Amaka Enterprise is committed to responsible waste management, aiming to minimize waste generation, promote recycling, and encourage the use of reusable and biodegradable materials. By setting goals related to waste reduction and proper disposal, the company can minimize its environmental impact while promoting a circular economy that values resource conservation and sustainable consumption patterns.


Community Impact

Amaka Enterprise understands the importance of creating a positive impact on the communities it serves. By setting goals related to community engagement, partnerships, and social investment, the company can contribute to the well-being and development of local communities, fostering social cohesion, and promoting inclusivity. This includes supporting local education, healthcare, and environmental initiatives, as well as empowering underprivileged and marginalized populations.

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Our Promise

We pledge to always put the community first. That means being leaders in environmental, social and economic sustainability.

Our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional value, innovative solutions, and lasting positive impact across all the industries it operates in. Rooted in a strong foundation of expertise, dedication, and passion, "Our Promise" encompasses the following key principles:

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