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Areas of Expertise

Here we showcase the company's diverse and extensive capabilities across various industries. As a multi-faceted conglomerate, Amaka Enterprise prides itself on its ability to offer exceptional services and products to its clients by leveraging its vast knowledge and experience in different sectors.

We bring our innovative touch to every project, proving that nothing is impossible.



Conducting research and disseminating analytical results on vital agricultural developments and trends; identifying and analyzing sustainable policies that meet food needs through advanced agricultural technologies and practices that balance production, income, resilience-building, and natural resource management.



Adept at identifying processes that lead to improved environmental soundness and best management  practices for conserving biodiversity and maintaining productive natural resources; integrating environmental procedures into planning, implementation, and results monitoring to adapt to climate change.



The conglomerate offers assistance in helping power generation, distribution, and transmission projects, including clean energy projects and off-grid and mini-grid solutions; enhancing the enabling environment for private and public investment in energy infrastructure, including legal and regulatory frameworks and institutional capacity building.



Developing partnerships with organizations and institutions of higher learning that foster education programs; providing technical assistance to solve national and regional education and human capacity development challenges, and identify program directions and objectives that increase African communities' involvement in their children's education.



The conglomerate supports programs and activities that build democratic institutions, promote human rights, protect vulnerable populations, enhance the rule of law, improve accountability, strengthen community voices, support credible elections, and peacebuilding activities. 



The conglomerate provides support in identifying the size and scope of extreme poverty in the western subregion of Africa; identifying the causes and solutions to extreme poverty, thereby creating a significant impact on poverty reduction and improving living conditions.



Amaka Enterprise is highly skilled in providing comprehensive data analytics solutions to non-profits and community development organizations through Ace Analytics Associates (A2A), enabling informed decision-making.



Amaka Enterprise offers research and design services related to cross-cutting health issues such as health system strengthening and health finance, which are incorporated into other activities. 



The conglomerate showcases expertise in handling the logistics and transportation needs of clients, ensuring efficient and reliable shipping services through Ecowas Shipping Corp. and Phase One Intermodal Logistics.


Assessing and Improving the Operations of the Civil Service Agency (CSA)

The Civil Service Agency (CSA) of the Republic of Liberia has a monumental responsibility to ensure the effective and efficient operation of community-based organizations.  However, the CSA was faced with a lack of capacity in key areas such as organizational development, data management, and performance monitoring.

Competitive Initiative / Knowledge Sharing and Analysis of the Nimba County development team

Nimba County is located in Liberia and is known for its rich natural resources and vibrant agricultural sector. However, despite its potential, the county has faced numerous challenges in the past, including limited infrastructure and a lack of resources. In an effort to address these challenges, the county established the Nimba County Development Team, a group of experts responsible for managing and allocating the County Development Funds.

Environmental & Social Impact Assessment (ESIA)

The project, which is aimed at improving water access and service in urban areas, is supported by the World Bank and is subject to the Bank's safeguard policies. The objective of the ESIA was to predict and evaluate the potential environmental and social impacts of the project, and to design appropriate mitigation, management, and monitoring measures to prevent, minimize, mitigate, or compensate for adverse impacts and improve environmental performance.

Community Organizing & Entry Point Mapping

ICRW is a non-profit organization based in Washington D.C. with a regional office in Nairobi, Kenya. The organization's mission is to advance gender equality and the well-being of women and girls globally. As part of its efforts to achieve this mission, ICRW engaged A2A to support its participation in the policy formulation, program implementation, and oversight of the Domestic Violence Law Reform in Kenya.

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