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Empowering Progress Across Industries: Uniting Expertise, Innovation, and Impact

​We are a holding of 12 companies working together under the Amaka Enterprise umbrella, offering a wide range of services and solutions to cater to various client needs. The enterprise is dedicated to providing exceptional service, fostering innovation, and delivering a positive impact on the communities it serves.


We Plan.

We Formulate.
We Deliver.

We offer a comprehensive array of services, from the planning stage to post-project completion management. You can count on the utmost professionalism in all that we do.

We bring our expertise to multiple service sectors, developing the industry's future and redefining what is possible, one project, one client with audacity at a time.

Our Focus Areas


Amaka Enterprise is highly skilled in providing comprehensive data analytics solutions to non-profits and community development organizations through Ace Analytics Associates (A2A), enabling informed decision-making.

Amaka Enterprise actively contributes to socioeconomic development through its diverse portfolio of businesses and services across various industries, including healthcare, education, business and management consulting, logistics and transportation, and nonprofit initiatives. By offering high-quality services and products, Amaka Enterprise not only fosters economic growth but also addresses critical social issues.

Amaka Enterprise's nonprofit ventures are committed to creating a positive impact on communities by supporting victims of violence and abuse, and providing data-driven business analysis for the region of Liberia. Through advocacy, assistance, and accurate information, we strive to empower individuals and organizations to make meaningful change.

 With a focus on reliability and customer satisfaction, Amaka Enterprise's logistics and transportation companies provide seamless cargo freight services and intermodal transport solutions. Our modern equipment, efficient tracking systems, and dedicated drivers ensure the timely delivery and safe handling of our clients' shipments.

What We Do


Comprehensive Health Care Solutions

SENIOR CARE: Personalized in-home care services to ensure seniors' comfort, safety, and well-being.

MOBILE PHLEBOTOMY: Convenient and professional blood collection services at the client's location.

RESIDENTIAL CARE: 24-hour support for individuals with intellectual disabilities, fostering independence and dignity.


Expert Business & Management Consulting Solutions

MANAGEMENT CONSULTING: Holistic, large-scale business transformations to unlock potential and accelerate growth.

DATA ANALYTICS: Comprehensive data analytics services for nonprofits and community development organizations.

HEALTH CARE CONSULTING: Launching a new business or optimizing an existing one, we offer licensing, policies, and branding.


Innovative Education Solutions

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT & TRAINING: Tailored online and in-person training programs for organizations across various sectors.

BUSINESS PRACTITIONER CERTIFICATION: Business excellence certification courses to elevate professional standards and drive continuous improvement in Africa.


Impactful Nonprofit Solutions

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE SUPPORT SERVICES: Providing support, advocacy, and resources to victims of violence and abuse, promoting healing and hope.

FREE DATA HUB FOR LIBERIAN BUSINESSESDelivering data-driven insights to help individuals and organizations better understand Liberia's business landscape.


Logistics & Transportation Solutions

CARGO FREIGHT SERVICES: Efficient and secure cargo shipping with clear communication and tracking systems.

INTERMODAL TRANSPORT: Timely and dependable container transportation services, catering to diverse booking requests.


Real Estate

This is future investment. Amaka Real Estate will provide comprehensive solutions tailored to the needs of clients, whether they are first-time homebuyers, seasoned investors, or property developers. From property consultation, management, valuation and appraisal, marketing and sales, and financing and investments. Our Real estate establishment is undergoing legal formation processes.  

Through our innovative training platform and business excellence certification program, Amaka Enterprise is dedicated to empowering professionals and organizations with the knowledge and skills needed to achieve success. We provide tailored learning solutions for businesses, nonprofits, and public sector institutions, fostering continuous improvement and driving excellence across the African continent.

What We Do Daily

We provide professional one-on-one compassionate in-home care services allowing our clients to stay right at home or wherever our care is required. We care for:

  • Seniors

  • New mothers

  • Working parents

  • Individuals who require recuperative or continuing care.

Amaka Passion Home Care


What We Do Daily

At Kays Community Services, we foster and support the independence and dignity of individuals with intellectual disabilities. Kays' community homes provide 24-hour support all of our residences. At the core of our services and advocacy are independence and dignity which we help build and preserve by meeting people where they are and providing a range of supports.

Kays Community Services, LLC


What We Do Daily

Blood Draw (Phlebotomy) Service At A Location Of Your Choosing
The Visiting Phlebotomist Network (VPN) is your direct connection to your personal phlebotomy technician.  You can schedule blood draw services directly online, anywhere in the states of Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland without ever leaving your home.

Visiting Phlebotomists Network, LLC


Where audacity meets talents
Amaka provides organizations with the ability to unlock potential through holistic, enduring, large-scale transformations. With uniquely specialized functional expertise, extensive industry experience, and distinctive tools and technologies, we give clients the belief and confidence to aim incredibly high, surpassing their expectations and turning bold strategies and ideas into reality at a pace they didn’t think possible.

Amaka Consulting, Inc.


Are you interested in partnering with any of our healthcare companies under Amaka Enterprise?

We're happy to hear from you

Use Data to Get a 360-Degree View of Community Development Programs


A2A is data analytics consulting firm helping organizations leverage the power of data to make informed decisions and drive business success. Our team of experts has extensive experience in data analysis, data visualization, predictive analytics, and data-driven decision-making, and we are dedicated to delivering customized solutions that deliver real value to our clients.

Ace Analytics Associates - A2A


Scalable Training Delivery
From automating everyday tasks to ensuring critical training courses run smoothly, SkilledUp™ has what you need to efficiently scale training programs. 


Easy-to-Use & 24/7 Support
Thoughtfully designed with admins and learners in mind, our platform’s aim is to make learning simple. Plus friendly, knowledgeable, and available 24/7 to assist you

SkilledUp Training Platform


We are eager to learn about your organization, discuss your unique challenges, and develop tailored strategies that drive your success in today's competitive market.

Are you interested in Business & Management Consulting services?

BEX® is a certification program for Business Excellence Practitioners in Africa based on the African Excellence Model, aimed at enhancing the standards of business excellence on the continent. A BEX® Certification demonstrates an individual's mastery of core competencies in business management, including strategic planning, financial management, marketing, operations, and human resources in the context of Business Excellence (BEX®). This can be valuable for career advancement, as it shows potential employers that the individual has a broad and verifiable knowledge of business and organizational performance practices.

BEX Certification Program


Established in 2013, The Haven Project (THP) is the pioneer non-profit victim services agency in Liberia. We touched the lives of more than 7000 children, adults, and families affected by crime and abuse throughout Monrovia each year. The Haven Project partners with governmental, local and international organizations, and other community agencies and also advocates for policies on a local, county, and national level on behalf of those affected by violence and abuse.

The Haven Project, Liberia


If you're ready to invest in the growth and development of your team, reach out to us and explore the opportunities our Training & Education Development companies can offer. Let us partner with you to create a dynamic learning experience that empowers your workforce and propels your organization towards success.

Are you interested in elevating your organization's training and education development to new heights? 

As a premier site for investigative business analysis on Liberia, Insights is dedicated to providing reliable and accurate information to individuals and organizations seeking to better understand the region's business landscape. Our team of experienced analysts and researchers work diligently to gather and analyze data on the latest trends, developments, and issues affecting the region's economy, markets, and industries.




On. Time. Delivery.

If you can book it we can pull it!

Amaka Enterprise sold out 50% of Phase One Logistics while maintaining 50%. Our mission at Phase One Logistics, Co. is simple: to pull empty containers from the various port terminals customers' requests and deliver loaded containers in a timely manner.

Phase One Logistics, Co


Amaka Enterprise sold out 50% of Ecowas while maintaining 50%. A clean environment, easy-to-follow packing and loading systems, modern equipment, and computerized tracking system put our customers in control of their cargo from beginning to end, ECOWAS is now operating from North Carolina under a new management.

ECOWAS Shipping Corp.


Our Business Areas


Amaka Enterprise's health care offerings prioritize the well-being and dignity of individuals through a range of services, including in-home care for seniors, mobile phlebotomy services, and residential support for those with intellectual disabilities. Our compassionate and skilled teams focus on providing personalized, high-quality care to ensure the comfort and independence of our clients.

Amaka Enterprise's consulting services harness the power of transformative strategies and data-driven insights to unlock potential and spur growth for organizations. Our expertise in business transformation, data analytics, and community development enables clients to make informed decisions and implement effective solutions to achieve lasting success.


We Envision.

We Craft.
We Bring To Life.

We start by envisioning bold and transformative solutions, meticulously crafting each detail, and ultimately build solution hubs (companies) to bring them to life. Our dedication to this process empowers us to create value for our clients and foster lasting, positive change in the communities we serve.

Empowering Healthpreneurs to launch and grow their healthcare business


Waiver Consulting Group is your trusted partner in the Medicaid Waiver industry. Whether you're embarking on the journey to launch a new home and community-based services agency or aiming to expand and optimize an existing one, we're here to ensure your success. Our expert team offers end-to-end support, from the initial planning stages to ongoing compliance, training, marketing, and beyond, handling the complexities of licensing, credentialing, policy formulation, branding, regulatory guidance, and enrollment, allowing you to focus on your core mission of delivering quality care.

The Waiver Consulting Group, LLC


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